Alcovit Hangover Prevention and detox supplement

Alcovit Hangover Prevention and detox supplement
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ALCOVIT is a German hangover prevention, a unique combination of Natural Mineral Silicate (Clinoptilolite), vitamins & antioxidants that promotes the bodies natural ability to eliminate toxins (alcohol) as well as support the body in times of stress as a result of consuming alcohol.* A effervescent lime tasting powdered dietary supplement. A detox drink in a 15 g sachet. A specially formulated with natural flavouring and colouring that has only 20 calories fructose (fruit sugar) total. ​ ALCOVIT was developed/ designed as a hangover prevention product that can be taken before, during or after the consumption of alcohol. ALCOVIT helps to eliminate toxins quickly that are produced as result of drink alcohol. ALCOVIT provides vitamins that support the body in times of stress, as the elimination of alcohol from the body takes considerable energy, that can effect sleep and general wellbeing.

About the product
  • Alcovit has a Natural Mineral silicate (a type of volcanic rock) that bind to the alcohol and removes it quickly from the body.
  • Alcovit changes the amount of alcohol that has to be processed by the liver after the consumption of alcohol, approximately 40 grams of pure alcohol or roughly 4 standard drinks is bound per 15 gram sachet
  • Alcovit is a lime effervescent powder in a 15 gram sachet, a simple to serve, single sachet into a glass of water (6 to 8 once) that can be taken before,during or after the consumption of alcohol.
  • Less then 20 calories per sachet, 
  • Alcovit is the only product currently in the world that actively binds the alcohol molecule and removes it from the natural process. Other products claim (generally) to help to metabolise the alcohol faster and add vitamins.
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