Ronnie Coleman Gripad

Ronnie Coleman Gripad
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Model: 888890
Manufacturer: Gripad
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Thanks to GRIPAD®Lifting Gloves, you no longer have to deal with your hands breaking sweat as you try to maintain a firm grip while working out! Are you tired of calluses and blisters? Do you suffer from smelly, sweaty hands? Do yourWeight Lifting Glovesstain your hands? Can’t findGym Gloves that fit your hands? - Introducing the new patented GRIPAD® Lifting Gloves!- Say goodbye to hot, sweaty Workout Gloves and hello to callus free hands to match your sculpted body!GRIPAD®Lifting Gloves provide minimal coverage of your hands while maximizing protection! The cushioning Weight Lifting Glovesare secured to the palm of the hands with finger bands that stretch to fit most. Made of neoprene, GRIPAD® Lifting Gloves provide a firm and comfortable grip while preventing calluses, heat, and odor usually associated with regular Workout Gloves.

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